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Welcome to Per.Fashion - a revolutionary shopping service with a personal stylist in Italy and in the world.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” - said the legendary Coco Chanel. It is really right, especially today, when the world goes to the light of the light and we have very puff seconds to understand who we have in front.

Personal style is what helps people gain self-confidence and achieve the desired results in business, career, love. Do you agree?

My name is Natalya Prykhodko, I am the founder of the Per.Fashion, a personal shopper and stylist, I live in Italy, near one of the most beautiful cities in the world - Venice.

We all know that online shopping has changed everything and the selection of clothes online seems endless; we can look through 100 dresses, suits, shoes, trousers and... still not buy anything, because we don’t know how to choose exactly what suits us? What size, style, color will suit us?

So I decided to bring my experience to everyone, share secret stores, showrooms, looks and wardrobes from professional stylist colleagues from all over the world to create your “Million Dollar” style.

What are we doing? We have created a unique and convenient online resource that allows you to make purchases both through stylists online and independently. We promptly package all carefully selected products and ship directly, without additional costs.

You no longer have to waste your precious time searching and selecting clothes! Trust your personal stylist, he will be the one who will choose the look for you for every day, a business meeting or a special event.

We don't work for stores - we work for you!

Therefore, we buy clothes to order from crazy and niche stores, showrooms, Italian workshops and ateliers. The main criteria for us are your style and quality of products.

You can also pre-order popular or unique items.

PerFashion is for active and ambitious people, people who are busy, love fashion and need help. A turnkey wardrobe is an additional service for those who wish to completely delegate their wardrobe.

Stores have partners (who aren't always experts) to help you make your choices, but shopping online can be a lonely experience.

On our resource, if necessary, you can contact stylists who will sort out your basket, select a style, help you create a look or wardrobe from scratch, and teach you how to shop consciously.
We know which items will suit you perfectly and make you feel 100%

We are for reasonable consumption, therefore we carefully select the products that are presented on the site, giving preference to natural fabrics and quality products.

PerFashion - online shopping with a personal stylist in Italy.

Are the products original?

Yes! All products offered on the Per.Fashion resource are genuine, which is guaranteed by our cooperation with official stores, designers and authorized dealers in Italy.

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